Woman Arrested on Attempted Murder Charge

A Jackson County woman was arrested last week (Friday, August 30th) on charges of Attempted Murder and Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree.

According to the Ft Payne Times-Journal – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen said that Karrey Renee Perry Dillingham of Flat Rock is accused of going to a neighbor’s home on County Road 756 armed with two pistols and a .410 shotgun.

The 54 year old woman allegedly entered the home and began verbally abusing the occupant; she reportedly pointed the shotgun at her neighbor’s stomach and pulled the trigger, however the gun failed to go off because the safety was still on.

By that time, the boyfriend of the intended victim came to her aid and they fled the scene, calling the sheriff’s office for help.

Chief Deputy Harnen said law enforcement arrived moments later at around 4:00am and took the suspect – Dillingham – into custody; she remains in the Jackson County Jail.

(Ft Payne Times-Journal)

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