Chattooga County Residents Express Concerns Over Ambulance Service

Redmond EMS (Summerville News)

The recent hearing on the proposed property tax increase in Chattooga County gave residents the opportunity to speak out on other issues as well – including concerns over rumors that Redmond EMS plans to sell its ambulance operation.

Commissioner Jason Winters told those in attendance that he’d heard the rumors as well, but has every confidence that everything will remain “on par.”; he added that even if Redmond DID sell, there would be Redmond ambulances at the ready at the Chattooga/Floyd County line.  Redmond and Floyd Medical Center were in competition for services to Chattooga County back in 2011.

Winters went on to say that Redmond could sub-contract its fleet out, but they would have to get the approval of the county prior to going into operation at that point.

(Summerville News)

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