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“Double Trouble”

FCSO - White - BigamyAnd here’s one from the “What were you thinkin’?” file:

44 year old Kelly Ann White of Rome, notified police that she saw her husband doing something on Facebook that he shouldn’t be doing – marrying another woman.

Mrs. White told Ringgold Police that she noticed that her 34 year old husband – Dennis White of Ellijay – was with a younger woman in a picture, holding a marriage license.

Dennis and Kelly had gotten married but filed for divorce three months later – apparently Dennis didn’t let grass grow under his feet, because he was getting married in Catoosa County before the split from his soon-to-be-but-not-yet-ex-wife was final.

Reports indicate that Dennis White and his new wife, Jennifer Nicole Gilreath, were hitched June 7th – but the split with Kelly White, wasn’t finalized until June 27th.

Dennis White has been arrested and charged with Bigamy.

(Coosa Valley News/Chattanooga Times Press)


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