Medical Company Announces Rome Expansion


A company specializing in topical creams for pain has announced that it is moving its corporate headquarters to Floyd County.

DermaTran Health Solutions Tuesday announced they would be purchasing the former State Mutual Insurance Headquarters building at the Berry Corporate Center from Dee Yancey and move their executive operations to Rome.

Along with the announced move for the compounding pharmacy, the firm would invest $7 million and create approximately 116 new jobs.

“It’s a very competitive environment out there today in the world,” said Al Hodge, President and CEO of the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce.

“A lot of communities would be vying heavily for this company and we are fortunate that folks like Dee Yancey have stepped up to the plate…to advocate this company locate to Rome.”

While DermaTran enjoys the benefits of the Tier 1 tax abatement package, they will continue to pay school taxes as they expand their operations.


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