Public Hearing Scheduled For Proposed Property Tax Increase In Chattooga County

As we recently reported, property taxes are going up in Chattooga County.

Monday at 11 a.m. residents there will have their say on the matter.

County Commissioner Jason Winters will hear comments during the first of three public hearings.

A second hearing will be Monday night at 6 at the civic center and the third on August the 26th at 4 p.m.

The commissioner plans to increase property taxes revenues from $4.9 million to $5.8 million, which is about 19-percent.

Jason Winters 5

The county’s total budget is $10.5 million.

The Chattooga County Tax Appraisers increased the value of top quality homes across the county.

Appraisers said those higher priced homes were undervalued.

Lower quality homes in Summerville also received an increase in values across the board.

However, lower grade homes in Trion continued to tumble and were downgraded.

(The Summerville News)



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