Citizens Asks Leesburg Council To Adopt Barking Dog Ordinance


The Town of Leesburg is considering the adoption of an ordinance to deal with barking dogs.

During Monday’s night’s council meeting, Greg Lumpkin (pictured) spoke about what he feels is the need for such an ordinance.

Lumpkin then shared some possible examples of what an ordinance might contain, including how the ordinance would be enforced and by whom.

Other guidelines may include the definition of what is considered excessive barking and possible fines for violations.

Mayor Ed Mackey said he would like to see other issues such as vicious dogs addressed in the ordinance.

The council then agreed to take Lumpkin’s comments under advisement and get with the City Attorney about drawing up a sample ordinance.

Mayor Mackey added that once an ordinance is drawn up, there will two readings during public meetings before it would be adopted by the council.


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