New Gun Bill Goes Into Effect Thursday, August 1st

IMG_0824During the last regular session, the Alabama Legislature adopted several changes to the state gun laws; Act 2013-283 was signed by the Governor and those changes will go into effect August 1st (2013) – this Thursday. The purpose of the changes was to clarify and remove contradicting laws – and expand the rights of gun owners.

IMG_0832The District Attorney’s Office recently conducted a meeting to help familiarize Cherokee County law enforcement with those changes.  That meeting was headed up by Assistant District Attorney Wes Mobley – who we asked to elaborate on some specific things that were discussed during the meeting, in regard to the changes

We spoke with Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver the day following that training meeting, and he stressed that this isn’t a “one-time thing” in fact such meetings are held on a regular basis with the emphasis on varying aspects of law enforcement  training, rules and regulations

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver


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