McCord’s Fire Department Announces New Addition(s)

Tanker_Press ReleaseMcCord’s Fire Department recently received a new 2,000 gallon Pumper/Tanker. The custom-built unit, built on a 2013 T-370 Kenworth chassis, is the first new apparatus that the volunteer fire department has ever owned since it’s inception in 1978.

The apparatus, known as “Tanker 54″, was purchased through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG). AFG is a program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which awards grants to fire departments to enhance their ability to protect the public and fire service personnel from fire and related hazards. The department was awarded a grant in the amount of  $190,000.00 to purchase the truck. FEMA was responsible for 95% of this amount and McCord’s Fire Department was responsible for a 5% matching share, as well as the costs associated with equipping the truck. The members of McCord’s Fire Department and I would like to thank Congressman Mike Rogers and Dr. Lori Owens for their efforts in securing this grant.

E55 & T54 Press ReleaseAs a rural department, we depend on tankers to supply water for most firefighting operations. Our previous tanker was a commercial truck that had been converted to a tanker and was equipped with only a 1300 gallon homemade tank and pump. Because of age and mechanical failures, the receipt of this tanker was vital to our operations. “Tanker 54″ will be an asset to many because of the Automatic and Mutual Aid agreements in place with all thirteen of Cherokee County’s fire departments, as well as mutual aid agreements with surrounding departments in Georgia and Alabama.

“Tanker 54″ is a versatile truck. While its main purpose is to be a mobile water supply on structure and large woods fires, it is equipped with a 750 gallon per minute Hale Fire Pump which allows it to also be used as a secondary pumper when needed. It carries much of the equipment that our first-out engine carries.

McCord’s Fire Department is also in the midst of an addition to our Station #2 located on County Road 157. The addition, when completed, will consist of a health department approved kitchen, a large training facility/meeting room, and offices. The facility will have the capability to be used as an Emergency Operations Center in the event of a natural disaster or complex incident in the community. We hope to have an open house after completing the addition to the station so that the public may see our progress. Neither the new tanker nor the fire station addition would be possible without the support of our community. I would like to personally thank everyone who supports McCord’s Fire Department.

Chief Rich Lindsey

McCord’s Fire Department

[McCord’s firefighters with the new tanker. Front Row Left to Right: F.F. C.A. Crider, Capt. Barry Rogers, Sr., Asst. Chief Barry Rogers Jr., Chief Rich Lindsey, Treas. Lamar Montgomery, F.F. Justin Deaton. Back Row Left to Right: Lt. Joseph Hanson, Lt. Dwight Bobo, F.F. Kermit Hill, F.F. Brad Baker.]

[McCord’s firefighters with their first-out apparatus “Engine 55” (Left) and their new Mobile Water Supply “Tanker 54” (Right)]

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