Floyd County Man Dies From Rattlesnake Bite

A Floyd County man died after being bitten by a rattlesnake earlier this week.

According to Deputy Coroner Ernie Studdard, 80 year old Ernest Burch of an Armuchee address, was bitten by the snake at around 5:00pm Tuesday, and was pronounced dead at 11:26 that night, at the hospital.

According to medical officials, any snakebite – venomous or non-venomous – can be deadly.

Snakes carry bacteria in their mouths which can result in infections if not treated carefully; if you are bitten by a non-venomous snake stay calm and clean the wound carefully.

Wash with clean water; use an alcohol-soaked pad is one is available and treat the wound with an anti-biotic – then bandage the wound.

It’s best to seek medical treatment for any snakebite, and if the snake is venomous help should be sought immediately.

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