Hays State Prison – New Warden Must Deal With Resignation of 16 Corrections Officers

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press reported Sunday that a total of 16 corrections officers at Hays State Prison have turned in their notices.

According to the paper, the officers fear that the lockdown – which has been in effect for several months at the prison – will soon be lifted, and there will be a return to violence at the facility.

Today (Monday, July 1st) is the first official day on the job for new warden Scott Crickmar as he takes over from Interim Warden Rick Jacobs. 

Crickmar previously served as warden at Walker State Prison.

Under the administration of Jacobs, the state of Georgia spent approximately two million dollars, upgrading security at Hays.

(AM1180/Chattanooga Times- Free Press)

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