Piedmont Council Told To Stop Bickering

piedmont council

The Piedmont City Council got quite an earful from one businessman during their Tuesday night meeting.

Danny Freeman with the Piedmont Community Council, which is made up of downtown business owners, says that recent bickering among council members is hurting the city.

He says moral in the city is as low as he has seen it.

Freeman also said the downtown area needs some improvements and told the council that they need to “Get off your derrieres and fix this crap.”

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the council heard from their auditor.

Joan Sanders says the city’s accounts receivables have grown by 1.2-million dollars.

Much of that is the result of people being behind on their utility bills.

Mayor Rick Freeman says the city is taking a “Zero Tolerance” approach that will hopefully help the city financially in the next couple of months.

Utility customers who don’t pay by June 28th will be disconnected.


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