Solar Farm Coming To Trion?

A huge solar farm worth up to 40-million dollars is being proposed for the industrial park on Highway 27 in Trion.

The Trion City Council recently approved a tentative $1 million agreement with the Alicity Group of Chattanooga, who wants to build a 20 megawatt solar field (similar to the one pictured above).

According to the Summerville News, if successful, the deal would turn the 120-acre lot into a landscape of hundreds of solar panels.

Power collected would feed into Georgia Power’s nearby substation.

The deal hinges on whether Georgia Power wants to partner with Alicity.

Solar investment firms across the southeast are competing for a chance to sell energy to Georgia Power.

Alicity plans to invest $40 million into infrastructure.

It would take approximately 250 workers about six months to construct the field.

The council’s agreement with Alicity gives them the option to buy the park.

If Georgia Power does not select Alicity, no money exchanges hands and Trion keeps its land.

Officials project with current millage rates, the school system would receive approximately $900,000 during the next 20 years and the town would collect $800,000 during the same span.

The Chattooga County would receive even more, according to Trion City Attorney Chris Corbin.

(The Summerville News)


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