History Comes Alive In Cherokee County

Over 100 Civil War re-enactors were in Cedar Bluff this weekend to recreate battles fought in the area 150 years ago.

The Abel Streight’s Raid Civil War Reenactment commemorated Streight’s raid through north Alabama, en route to Georgia, to cut the Western Atlantic Railroad, a Confederate supply line.

The event took place just miles from the original surrender site.

In addition to re-enactors, there were demonstrations, Union and Confederate encampments, cannon firings, and period music.

The re-enactment of Battle of Day’s Gap, including the capture of two of General Forest’s prized cannons, took place Saturday.

On Sunday, it was the Battle of Streight’s Surrender, complete with the burning of Black Creek Bridge.

The pictures below are of various scene’s from the encampment, located just off County Road 131.

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