Police Looking For Father Of Child Who Fell From Car

Child in Highway - demarcus

Arrest warrants have been issued in connection with an incident last Thursday, May 16th in which a child fell from a vehicle near the Grub Mart.

At 5:19 pm that day, the Centre Police Department received a call regarding reports of an infant being slung from a vehicle into the highway from a moving vehicle.

Upon arrival at the scene and investigation of the incident, Investigator Jeff Bryant learned that the driver of the vehicle, Deonna Wood, realized that after leaving their home on Bay Springs Road that Demarcus Sharpe’s daughter (the infant) was not properly buckled into her car safety seat.

Ms. Wood stated as she was turning into the Grub Mart, she was attempting to use the auto lock button to lock the doors when the child pulled on the door handle causing the door to open and her to fall from the vehicle and slide into the right hand lane of West Main Street.

Ms. Wood states by the time she got the vehicle stopped and jumped out, a woman had already ran into traffic and brought the child to safety.

Meanwhile, Demarcus Sharpe allegedly fled the scene and it was later discovered that he had outstanding warrants.

Department of Human Resources was notified and responded to the scene.

The child was transported by ambulance to Cherokee Medical Center and the attending physician stated that she had no injuries.

The child was released to her mother.

Warrants have been issued for Wood for Reckless Endangerment and Sharpe for Child Abandonment.

Police have been unable to locate Mr. Sharpe.

If you have any information regarding Demarcus Sharpe’s whereabouts, please contact the Centre Police Department at (256) 927-3661.


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