A Busy Weekend For Gadsden Police

Gadsden Police Patch - Feature

Gadsden Police are investigating a couple of reported armed robberies.

On Sunday, at 12:15 am, a 22-year old man told police he was robbed at gunpoint on the Meighan Blvd. Bridge.

The man said he was driving westbound on the bridge when two acquaintances pulled in front of him and stopped.

According to the victim, the men ran up to his vehicle pointing handguns and demanded his money.

They robbed him of $296 before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a 39 year old man said he was robbed at gunpoint on Goss Avenue on Saturday.

The victim told police he was walking on Goss Avenue when two white males approached him with guns and ordered him to empty his pockets.

He said they robbed him of $20 and hit him in the head before fleeing the scene.

However, the reporting officer noted inconsistencies with the victim’s story.

The investigation is ongoing.


Gadsden Police are also seeking suspects involved in a high-speed pursuit Saturday evening.

At around 9:45 pm, police stopped a Camaro convertible in the mall parking lot near the cinemas after reports that the passengers were yelling at people while cruising around the mall.

Officers noticed alcohol in the vehicle and before they could interview the driver he sped off, nearly running over pedestrians.

Police pursued the vehicle as the driver sped south on Rainbow Drive onto I-759 – then I-59.

The suspect driver was driving at speeds over 100 mph and Gadsden Police ended the pursuit for safety concerns.

Police were able to ID the vehicle and the driver.

The investigation is ongoing.


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