Some Synthetic Marijuana Possibly Produced Locally

A recent large-scale synthetic marijuana bust in Rockmart, Georgia seems to confirm what many have already suspected – that northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama may be home to a major producer of certain brands of the drug known as Spice.

It seems a large amount of two relatively new brands of the drug were seized in those raids – and it’s a type seen only in this portion of the country; the blend contains a chemical called URL 11 – which is being referred to as “an extremely nasty synthetic poison.”

So far, the concoction has turned up in Chattooga, Polk, Bartow and Floyd counties in Georgia – and in Calhoun County on this side of the state line.

According to Lance Dyer, head of the Dakota Dyer Foundation, the indications are that the URL 11 component is being manufactured and distributed locally.

The foundation combats synthetic marijuana use and works with law enforcement officials to get the drug off the streets.

The foundation is named for Dyer’s son, after his death at the age of 14 – which was attributed to his experimenting with synthetic marijuana.

Spice Synthetic Marijuana

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