Gadsden Police Incident Reports

jerusalem porter

A 20-year old Gadsden Man and a juvenile are facing charges in connection with an incident last week.

According to Gadsden Police, on April 24th at approximately 10:00 pm Special Projects Team Officers were conducting surveillance when they witnessed a vehicle theft on South 9th Street in East Gadsden.

The area has recently been hit hard by criminals either breaking into vehicles or stealing vehicles. Officers watched 20-year old Jerusalem Porter (pictured) and a 15 year old male juvenile approach a parked, unoccupied vehicle in a gravel lot near that intersection.

The juvenile grabbed an item from inside the vehicle and fled the scene but was arrested minutes later.

Porter drove away in the vehicle and was stopped soon after and arrested.

He is being held at the Etowah County Jail.


Gadsden Police are investigating a reported robbery that occurred on April the 27th.

A 27-year old Rainbow City woman told police she was robbed in the parking lot of Dirt Cheap, located at 301 North 12th Street.

She said as she was about to exit her vehicle, she was approached by two black males, both wearing hoodies and jeans, who showed her a handgun before getting into her car.

The suspects ordered the victim to drive behind Carver Gym where they stole her purse and contents, which included cash and a cell phone, before fleeing the scene.


An unidentified man who was apparently not a fan of a Gadsden nightclub’s smoking policy is being sought by police.

On April 27, 2013, around 4:20 am, employees of the Adult Social Club, located at 921 Tuscaloosa Avenue, said the suspect shot into the building several times.

A bouncer said he told a man he could not smoke inside the building and apparently the man got mad. The suspect told the bouncer he would be back to get him.

About 10 minutes later, the man came back, stood in front of the business, and shot into the building. No one was injured. The investigation is ongoing.


An unidentified man was treated for slight burns after allegedly being assaulted by a 26-year old woman on April the 23rd.

The 32-year old man told Gadsden Police he was attacked at the intersection of Forrest Avenue and 24th Street following an argument over child support payments.

The man said the woman threw a potato chip bag, filled with gasoline, on him and lit him on fire by unknown means.

He was able to use a garden hose to put out the flames.

The woman fled the scene and the victim was treated by medics.

The investigation is ongoing.


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