Pioneer Green Energy Holds Open Houses

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Pioneer Green Energy held open house events Saturday in Cherokee and Etowah Counties regarding proposed wind projects.

The Cherokee County open house, held at the chamber of commerce office at Gadsden State Cherokee in Centre focused on the Shinbone Wind Energy Project.

Those in attendance could find out more about various aspects of the project, including the anticipated economic impact for the area.

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According to the study, the project would increase tax revenues for Cherokee County between 285 and 300-thousand dollars during construction and the first year of operation and 225-thousand dollars in subsequent years.

That’s around 6.8-million dollars over 30 years.

The construction phase is likely to provide 113 temporary jobs in the State, 30 in Cherokee County along with an increase in economic activity of 15.9-million statewide and 3.7-million dollars locally.

Once operational, the study found that the project would provide 10 permanent jobs in the State, 8 in Cherokee County and generate an increase in economic activity of a million dollars statewide and close to 741-thousand dollars locally.

Not everyone thinks the project is a good idea.

A group of residents who oppose the project showed up to protest in front of the chamber office during the open house.

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Shannon Mackey told WEIS Radio News that the area known for its beauty with the lake and its mountains and he cannot understand why anyone would want to put up wind turbines.

Pioneer Green Energy is planning the Shinbone Wind Energy Center, which would include 8 turbines in Cherokee County. It would be the first wind energy facility in Alabama.

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Noccalula Wind Energy Center is planned for neighboring Etowah County with as many as 40 turbines.

Both projects could be completed next year.


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