City of Centre Asked To Annex Country Club


Discussions regarding the possible annexation of the Cherokee County Country Club into the City of Centre continued during Tuesday’s Centre Council meeting.

Ed Allen addressed the council on behalf of homeowners in favor of annexation as well as the country club itself.

Allen cites improved police and fire protection as the main reasons for the request.

He also stated that the annexation would pave the way for alcohol sales at the country club.

He asked the city to conduct a study into the matter.

Mayor Tony Wilkie told Allen that a study has into how much it would cost to upgrade the water system to provide adequate fire protection for the area has already been done.

Council members Marc Johnson and Derek Wheeler want a second study to be conducted, focusing on the minimum amount it would take to provide adequate hydrant flows in the area, as opposed to an overhaul of the water system, which they say the last study considered.

Complicating the matter, ISO may be changing some of its policies and procedures in July and it is unknown whether or not those changes, if adopted, would negatively impact Centre’s ISO rating.

Mayor Wilkie suggested, and the council agreed, to put off further discussions on the matter until it becomes clearer as to what changes may be coming.

In the meantime, Allen indicated that the property owners may be interested in funding the second study themselves.


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