Gadsden Police Investigate Three Robberies

What began as a response to an automobile accident turned into a robbery investigation for Gadsden Police.

On Friday, January 11th at around 3:20pm, police and fire personnel responded to a wreck in front of 31 Mitchell Street and found 33-year old Jason Boyd of Gadsden on the ground next to a vehicle that had struck a tree.

Boyd was taken to the hospital where he told police he met a man and woman at 35 Mitchell Street in order to give them a key.

He said he approached their vehicle, reached into his pocket to get the key and also pulled out $400 in cash.

He said the driver of the vehicle grabbed his money and began to drive away.

Boyd said he reached inside the car to get his money back and was dragged until the vehicle struck the tree two houses down.

The driver of the car fled the scene.

Gadsden Police are also investigating a couple of reported armed robber that are said to have occurred last Thursday.

At around 7:00pm that night, 58-year old Joe Morgan of Gadsden told police he was robbed at gunpoint outside the Crown Gas Station at 1401 East Broad Street.

Morgan said he had just bought some beer and was leaving the store when a black male approached and put a gun to his face and took $25 in cash before running away.

Meanwhile about an hour later, 40-year old Christopher Strawderman of Gadsden told officers he was robbed of $200 cash after leaving the East Gadsden Wal-Mart.

He said he was walking out of the store, counting his money, when he was approached by a black male who asked if he had a light.

The man then pulled out a revolver and ordered Strawderman inside his own van.

He said they drove around Gadsden for a while before the man ordered him to drive to Birmingham.

Strawderman said his van broke down on I-759 near the Black Creek Parkway and the suspect took his money and left walking towards Attalla.

Strawderman walked to the Jet-Pep on South 11th Street and called police to make a report.

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